Quilting Inspirations by Dinner at Eight Artists

Rituals~Featured at International Quilt Market/Festival

Havel’s Scissors is proud to be a sponsor of Rituals by Curators, Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison.  Jamie and Leslie, along with forty artists, have come together to reveal the art that can be found in everyday life.  I had the privilege to see the exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year.  The ingenuity of the artwork in the exhibit is nothing short of spectacular!  Each artist tells a story through the threads of the fabric.  And the stories that are woven through each piece will inspire you to live life to the fullest and appreciate each and every opportunity we are given to share with loved ones.

We continue with Paula Chung Lake Tahoe, California Visual Artist, Working in Fiber.

In thinking of a daily ritual in my life, the preparation for the day or night, always includes brushing my teeth–so what better objects to share with others than the visual image of toothbrushes in “Intimate Space.”.  The red “Reach” toothbrush was my metaphor for the striving I, and all artists do to become better artists.

Intimate Space by Paula Chung

Intimate Space by Paula Chung

Gerrie Congdon Portland, Oregon Artist, photographer, blogger, wife, mother, grandma.

Living in the beautiful Northwest, where I can be seen every day, “Walking with Mr C and Scooter.” My other passions are growing veggies and cooking great meals for family and friends.

Walking with Mc. C and Scooter by Gerrie Congdon

Walking with Mc. C and Scooter by Gerrie Congdon

Joanell Connolly Huntington Beach, California Artist, wife, mom, friend, inquiring, willing.

“Flowers in Her Hair and Expectations” is my artistic reflection of Marriage, a ritual with so much ephemera: the unknown that embellishes life, some anticipated and others a reality check. Other passions; we social dance often and learning to play the Ukulele.

Flowers in My Hair and Expectations by Joanell Connolly

Flowers in My Hair and Expectations by Joanell Connolly


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  1. I am so enjoying reading all the “back stories” on how these wonderful images came to be!

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