Quilting Inspirations from Dinner at Eight Artists

Rituals~Featured at International Quilt Market/Festival

Havel’s Scissors is proud to be a sponsor of Rituals by Curators, Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison.  Jamie and Leslie, along with forty artists, have come together to reveal the art that can be found in everyday life.  I had the privilege to see the exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year.  The ingenuity of the artwork in the exhibit is nothing short of spectacular!  Each artist tells a story through the threads of the fabric.  And the stories that are woven through each piece will inspire you to live life to the fullest and appreciate each and every opportunity we are given to share with loved ones.

Loris Bogue of Simi Valley, California is an Art Quilter and Website Designer.

While researching the exact meaning of the word “rituals,” I came across an article online by Robbie Davis-Floyd which described rituals as Cosmic Gears…that will safely crank the individual through danger to safety.”  That inspired me to use an original photo of the gears that lift the elevator at the Eiffel Tower.  I manipulated the image in Photoshop© and had the results printed on cotton sateen fabric, which I then quilted as a wholecloth quilt.

Cosmic Gears by Loris Bogue

Cosmic Gears by Loris Bogue

Deborah Boschert of Crofton, Maryland describes herself as an, Artist, mother, wife, stitcher, code-breaker, dog lover, blogger, traveler, reader, laundry folder, coffee drinker, door opener.

Chairs are just so full of potential! They can symbolize many things and tell a story in unexpected ways. I also really love graphic landscapes. It was really fun to use this simple chair motif for “Blue Chair Mantra” with a variety of shapes, fabrics, edges, colors and patterns that would suggest hillsides and horizons.

Blue Chair Mantra by Deborah Boschert

Blue Chair Mantra by Deborah Boschert

Laurie Brainerd of Burbank, California -Artist

“Night, Night; Love, Love” was inspired by the ritual that my husband and I share where he tucks me in to bed each night.  I tried to capture the peacefulness that results with the color and lines of the piece.

Night, Night; Love, Love by Laurie Brainerd

Night, Night; Love, Love by Laurie Brainerd

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