How to Make A Scarf for Summer

Make A Summer Scarf
By Holly Hanover

Multicolor shawls and scarves.

Scarves are a perfect accessory. They can add visual interest to any outfit, enlivening it with contrasting prints, colors and textures. Most scarves are impractical for summer, however. We all have a few thick scarves for the winter months. When the first flowers begin to bloom and we begin thinking planning our summer swimsuit shopping, however, we instinctively put them away, forgetting about them until the following autumn.

But there’s no rule that says scarves need to be restricted to the winter months! Certain scarves are too hot for summer, of course, but by selecting the right fabric you can make one suitable for summer. When you know how to make a scarf, you’ll be able to craft a unique and fun accessory that can add interest to any outfit.

The best summer scarves are made from lightweight fabrics like Gingham, Seersucker, Gauze, and Percale cotton. Percale often comes in darker colors, while Gingham is great if you want a light fabric with patterns of checks, plaids and stripes. Gauze is perfect if you want to create a somewhat fey and ethereal scarf – perfect for a romantic getaway or picnic. You’ll need between half a yard and a yard of your chosen fabric to make a scarf.

You will only need a few other items to make your fun summer scarf:

Havel’s Fabric Scissors

• Your Favorite Sewing Machine

Havel’s Ultra-Pro Seam Ripper

Here are simple instructions for making a scarf of lightweight fabric. The following instructions  will work best for silk organza which is one of the most lightweight fabrics.

Cut  the fabric rectangle the size you want your scarf to be. Add one inch to the length and width of the scarf for seam allowances. When working with a lightweight fabrics it is a good idea to prepare them first by spraying all the edges with a good spray starch.  Mary Ellen’s Best Press works beautifully. You are taking a soft fabric and adding body so that it is easier to work with.  Let the fabric dry a little and press. You can repeat this three times. (When you wash the scarf all the stiffness will disappear.) Choose a needle for lightweight fabric. A 75 will work well. Use a utility sewing foot with a flat back and set the machine for a zigzag stitch. The width is 1.5 and the length is 2.

Fold 1/2″ of the edge underneath the fabric and sew along the folded edge. Remove the excess edge by cutting close to the stitch. Applique scissors were made for this. Havel’s offers several options:  Straight Serrated Fabric Scissors,  Duck Bill scissors or the Double Curved Applique will make short work of this project.

Now you can create a summer scarf with just a few yards of lightweight fabric and a pair of Havel’s Scissors. However you choose to do it, it’s easy to craft a delightful and unique accessory once you know how to make a scarf!

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