How to Make A Quilt-Throw

By Leslie Tucker Jenison

Use your favorite themed fabric and create your own
one-of-a-kind quilt throw.

Moda Fabrics Nancy Drew Prints - image01-347x336When I found out that Moda was launching a line of Nancy Drew-themed fabrics, my young-reader-self crawled out of hibernation and starting jumping up and down! Nancy Drew. I credit these books with sparking my love of reading. Birthdays, holidays, sick days: all I wanted was another Nancy Drew Mystery.

I decided to make a throw-sized quilt, something that you could curl under on the sofa while watching “Murder, She Wrote” (which is a ritual around here on occasions when my daughter, Natalie, is here visiting).

First, I asked my architect friend to enlarge this figure, as derived
from one of the cloth designs.

Enlarged Nancy Drew Image - image02-448x336

Placing the image over a lightbox, I traced the shape onto a piece of the
Nancy Drew fabric that had been pre-fused with Mistyfuse.

Traced images on a light box - images03&04-640x236

I worked on the reverse (fused) side of the cloth, tracing with a Pentel Gel Roller Fabric pen (which I adore BTW!) Here is the complete tracing on wrong side of fused fabric.

completed tracing on the fused fabric - image05&06-640x235-

Now, I cut the shape out. It was easy because I was using my fabulous 7″ Havel’s Scissors with the micro-serrated blade. You should try these scissors because they are
amazing for this type of work!!

cutting out the shape - image07-446x336

Here’s Nancy! She is ready to be fused onto the book panel.
So far, so good! I like how this looks!

nancy drew image in silhouette - image08&09-640x418

Here I am free-cutting block strips with my seriously-great 7″ Havel’s Scissors. They are as sharp and precise as the day I bought them 2-1/2 years ago!

free cutting block strips - image10-448x336

I made a bunch of pieced blocks that I later changed my mind about.
These are now on the back of the quilt…

pieced quilt blocks-image11&12-640x205

I changed my mind and switched to the blue-yellow colorway for the quilt top.

nancy drew quilt blocks-image14&13-640x345


nancy drew quilt blocks with blue and yellow-image15-448x336

Here is a corner block, under-construction.

corner block under construction image16 447x336

I wrote the quilt label on a piece of plain yellow pre-fused cotton, using my Pentel Gel Roller Fabric Pen (LOVE).¬†After fusing, I stitched around each edge…

quilt label written with fapric pen image 17&18 640x414

The label is the yellow block with blue border in the center of the quilt back. I decided to place the label prior to the quilting. I used all the extra pieces of Nancy Drew fabric to create a scrappy-pieced quiltback. I like how it looks!

quilt label with blue border image 19 336x445

Here is the finished quilt, long-arm quilted by my friend, Danielle Wilkes.
I machine-stitched the binding.

finished nancy drew quilt image20 340x336

Here is the quilt “in action” – tucked around my daughter, Natalie, who was visiting from Austin. We have a ritual of watching old “Murder, She Wrote” episodes on Netflix. I think it was even more fun all cozied-up under “Nancy”!

natalie tucked under nancy drew quilt image21 448x336

This project was part of a fun blog hop. I hope you will stop by my blog soon and say hello! LeslieTuckerJenison.Blogspot.Com

Here is a link to the entire blog hop on a day-by-day basis: Just Let Me Quilt

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