Free Craft: Spring Bloomin’ House

by Jamie Fingal

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Materials Needed:

  • 2 pieces of wool blended felt in black and a coordinating color
  • Cutting mat, ruler and rotary cutter
  • Pre-fused scrap fabrics, and fabrics from your stash
  • Mistyfuse
  • Parchment paper or Goddess sheets
  • Bamboo felt – in a few bright colors
  • Pinking Shears
  • Iron
  • Sewing machine

Start by cutting a piece of wool blended felt (black) for your foundation 12×12 inches.

image 02 448x336

Select fabrics for the background – blue for the sky and green for the landscaping.  The sky fabric should cover about  2/3rds from the top.  I used pinking shears to cut the top of the green landscape fabric, to add some fun.  Iron into place.

image 03 448x336 Auditioning fabrics.  This is the main part of my stash of fabrics, and Batiks are center stage, because that is what I use most in my work.  Select fabrics that are the same value.   The majority of my fabrics all go together, because ‘brights’ are my color palette.  There is not one pastel in the bunch.

image 04 448x336

I kept thinking of my theme for this house quilt, so it was easy to select the fabric for the house, something bright and cheerful.

image 05 448x336

This is a 12” roll of Mistyfuse, that is oh so easy to use.
Roll it out onto your fabric, and cut.

image 06 448x336

Place parchment paper or a Goddess Sheet over the top and press with an iron on the ‘cotton’ setting, no steam.  Press in a circular motion, making sure that all of the edges are secure.  As you fold back the sheet, you can clearly see which side is fused, because of the shiny appearance that is visible.  Cut the around the entire piece, trimming off the parts that are not fused.

image 07 448x336

Figure out the placement of your house.

image 08 448x336

After looking at black and white fabrics that I would usually use for the roof, I decided on a yellow roof because it was more Spring like. I cut the fabric edges with pinking shears, and ironed into place.

image 09 336x448

The Bamboo felt flower is about 3” in diameter.  Then I cut three other colors for the center.  I would recommend 2 for the center, because when you sew them onto the quilt, your needle will be going through 6 layers of felt, and this is where I broke a needle.  So please be careful.

image 10 448x336

The windows and door are made with solid robin egg blue fabric (leftover from another project).  I don’t use solids in my work, so this is a stretch, even for me.  You could add more windows, but I decided that I wanted to add shutters to the windows, so there wouldn’t be room for more windows.  Keep it simple, I keep telling myself.

image 11 448x336

Cut small squares for each of the windows.  This is when Havel’s 8″ Serrated Scissors, really come into play.

image 12 448x336

After you have placed all of the window panes where you want them, iron carefully into place.  They don’t have to be perfect.

image 13 448x336

The Bamboo felt can be fused with Mistyfuse, and it adheres pretty well to the art quilt.  When it gets heavy, like the flower, it won’t stick.  Just know that going in.  Cut the stem and leaves, and the extra curvy pieces in the landscaping.  These add depth, color and texture to your piece.  Add a tiny circle to the front door.

image 14 448x336

It’s looking good!  Now you can add the walkway.  An inviting part to the landscape!

image 15 448x336

Now we are ready for the backing.  I am using a piece of wool blended felt from National Nonwovens TOY002, sage green.  Cut it a bit larger than your top piece.  You can pin it if you feel more comfortable in securing the top to the backing.

image 16 448x336

Take it to the machine. I started with the landscaping on the right side and then moved onto the house. My thread choice, black Isacord 40 weight poly thread.

image 17 448x336

Free motion quilt the landscape, and make sure the felt does not flip up when sewing it into place.  You can secure it with one hand when you put the needle down, and then proceed to sew it down.

image 18 448x336

I am not about perfection, but more about having fun with what I am doing – hence free motion quilting.  However, I seemed to have had a little mishap on one of the windows and I am going to have to fix that window, because it doesn’t look good.

image 19 448x336

To fix the window, I cut out another window piece that has Mistyfuse on the back. I am simply going to iron it into place over the messed up window.

The window has been repaired, and sewn into place, and know one would ever know.  Whoohoo!

image 20 448x336

For the two leaves of the flower, I added fused fabrics inside for added interest.  I used one pin, just so the leaf would be anchored in the right position, before free motion machine quilting it’s leaf design on the inside.

image 21 448x336

The flower.

image 22 448x336

The center of the flower is where you want to use less Bamboo felt.  I was sewing through 6 layers of felt and broke my needle, because it was simply too thick.  You could have 1-2 contrasting colors, and call it a day.

image 23 448x336

In free motion machine quilting the blue background, I just echoed the flower motifs on the blue fabric, in and around the flower, and the leaves. Easy-peasy.  An alternate method would be to free motion machine quilt the background, before you add the flower, stem and leaves.

image 24 448x336

Finish the edges by sewing a zigzag around the entire art quilt, making sure to anchor your stitches at the beginning and end.

image 25 448x336

When you get to the flower, anchor your stitches before you skip over a petal, then anchor again, when you start stitching.  Repeat when you go over the next one. Cut the threads on the front and back that cross the petals.

image 26 448x336

When cutting the edges, use a rotary cutter and ruler to trim the green felt, just so you can see it from the front.

image 27 448x336

Here’s what the back of the quilt looks like.  I think it looks so cool to see the
stitching lines!

image 28 448x336

The finished Spring House!

image 29 342x336

I invite you to email me at to share your own house creation!

jamie fingal headshot smallJamie Fingal is an artist, author, teacher, fabric designer, and curator who hails from Orange, California.  An award winning artist and the author of the book Embellished Mini Quilts.  Her whimsical and abstract work has been juried into International quilt exhibitions, featured in many books and various magazines and has two instructional DVD’s – The Whimsical House Quilt and Rebel Quilting. She has been a guest on Quilting Arts TV numerous times. As well as being the other half of the curating team of Dinner at Eight Artists, with Leslie Tucker Jenison. You’ll find her work in private, public, churches, and corporate collections,


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  1. Cleone Booterbaugh says:

    Thank you for the Cute idea, I am moving into a new house soon so I will make
    one of these to hang on the wall of my new Home!

  2. Gail says:

    This is sooo cute! I will be making one soon I love how you mix felt ad fabric.

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