Free Project: Duck Tape® Purse

by Sue Hausmann

Create Your Own Unique & Funky
Duck Tape® Purse or Cosmetic Bag

Create an easy and practical purse or cosmetic bag with Duck Tape® sheets. This is a fun project for any age and makes a great gift!

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  1. Remove backing from Duck Tape sheets pulling from the short end about half way down the sheet first, place onto one side of the Soft and Stable. (Either side is fine as there is no right or wrong side to Soft and Stable.) Once half the sheet is in place, pull the rest of the paper off and continue sticking the sheet in place. (if you remove the entire paper backing at once, it is easy to get the sheet stuck to itself! (Ask me how I know this!) Cut the two stabilized sheets apart. These are the sides of the tape purse image 03_800x600
  2. Unroll 32+” of tape with the sticky side up on your cutting table. Place the ¾” x 32” strip of Soft and Stable on the center of the tape and stick in place. Wrap the tape around the stabilizer to create tape purse collage images 04-05_800x566


3. Insert a size 90 Stretch Needle, thread with sewing thread top and bobbin and set your sewing machine for straight stitch, stitch length 4-6 or zigzag width 4, length 4. Snap on non-stick (Teflon) presser foot. Stitch down the center of the strap for topstitched detail. Set handle aside.

**Note: this bag could also be made by hemming or finishing the top edge and eliminating the zipper.

4.  Select left needle position straight stitch, length 4-6. Open the zipper and place one side of the zipper tape right sides together with one long side of the stabilized sheet. Stitch from the top end and use the non-stick presser foot. Straight stitch the zipper to the stabilized Duck Tape tape purse image 06_800x585

duck tape purse image 07_800x5365.  Zip the zipper closed and place the other side of the tape right sides together with a long edge of the second stabilized sheet. Put one pin in place at the start of the zipper and unzip. Stitch the second side of the zipper.

6.  Optional: Topstitch both sides of the zipper along the fold next to the zipper from the right side catching the seam allowance on the underside as you tape purse image 08_800x600

7.  Open the zipper at the top of the purse (do not open beyond the side seam) before stitching the side seams on your purse so you can turn the purse right side out through this zipper opening.

**Note: If you do not put a zipper along the top edge of your bag, you can add a snap or hook and loop fastener later.

8.  Place the two stabilized sheets right sides together and stitch the side seams and bottom seam with a straight stitch, length 3-4. If your zipper has plastic teeth you can stitch right over them at each end then trim off the excess zipper. Turn the purse right side out.
duck tape purse image 09_800x548

9.  Box the lower corners if desired by folding a triangle at both bottom corners matching side and bottom edge seams and stitching across the triangle about ¾” from the point.
duck tape purse image 10_800x521 duck tape purse image 11_800x599

10.  Place the purse over the sewing machine free arm and place the end of the handle on the side seam right side about ½” below the top edge. Stitch across the handle end. Repeat for the other side by stitching the other handle end in place.

duck tape purse image 12_800x600

Now get funky, and add your own creative embellishments! Enjoy! 

© 2012 Sue Hausmann

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sue hausmann head shotSue Hausmann says, “Growing up my dad was the sewer in our family. Daddy did our mending and created all the curtains, drapes, bed skirts, etc. for our home on a treadle sewing machine that he had converted into an electric machine by putting a motor on it. My mom always said that she did not sew much because it only went one speed – very fast, and scared her!”

In 1985 Sue joined Husqvarna Viking as a Marketing Specialist and traveled all over the country teaching how to set up class programs in stores. In 1990 the first Public Television Series, America Sews began. Today America Sews airs in over 90 million households in the US on PBS, the CREATE network, Family Net Cable, and, and airs in Japan. Years later her title changed to Executive Vice President Consumer Motivation.

In 2008 the second Public Broadcasting television series, America Quilts Creatively began, has been very well received and evolved into Quilting Arts, with new host Patricia Bolton, Editor of Quilting Arts Magazine. Then, in 2009 Sue “semi-retired” in that she no longer work full time for VSM Sewing but continues to present programs and events and share her enthusiasm for sewing on Husqvarna Viking as a free lance Educator.

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6 Responses to Free Project: Duck Tape® Purse

  1. Loretta says:

    I have a few of your products and am very pleased with them. In fact I misplaced the heavy duty seam ripper and ordered a second because it works better than any I have. and I have several! the pinking sheers are especially good as far as I am concerned.

  2. Sue Dillon says:

    Where can you purchase Duct Tape in sheets…I have only seen it on rolls. Thanks

  3. gloria gaines says:

    Love Sue projects

  4. Tomi Lynn Smith says:

    Where can I purchase Soft and Stable? I live in New Orleans.

  5. Tomi Lynn Smith says:

    Purchased the duct tape sheets at Targets. Just have to find the Soft and Stable so I can make my purse.

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