Sew it All TV: Behind the Scenes

Or…behind the seams, if you will.


Vaguely Wolverine-esque, no?

While organizing photos from the new season (YAY Season 5 goes live March 2nd!!) for our website, (where you can find instructions for all episodes) I came across some lovely gems I thought a shame to keep to myself.



The lady loves her Havel’s.










She’s in front of the camera all day, she can’t be
serious the whole time



Our fearless leader, Ellen March, and her sharp-object wielding shenanigans.







Two of our guests, Vanessa Wilson and Rashida Coleman-Hale, met up on set and hit it off!


Season 5 begins airing March 2nd on PBS stations nationwide! Guests include Mary Fons, Sue Hausmann, Vanessa Wilson, Cheryl Kuczek and more sewing stars! Visit to find your local PBS schedule for air times, or to request that they carry Sew it All TV!





Freeze! (Get it?…temporary spray adhesive!…)


Check out info on the Sew it All TV Casting Call, held at the Sewing & Stitchery Expo on March 3rd, where YOU help choose from our 5 contestant who will become the next Sew it All TV guest!





Floor Manager Kim Saba (right) and I, working hard while Ellen tries to distract us with the camera.


PS: Stay tuned for 13 Days of Giveaways, beginning tomorrow, February 13th, where we’ll be giving away a prize from a past guest every day leading up to the airing of Season 5!




We have a great time making the show and hope you enjoy watching it!

HUGE thank you to our sponsors for making it all possible: Arrow Sewing Cabinets, Elna, Havel’s, Original Sewing & Quilt Expo, Pfaff and Sulky!


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