Little Miss Sawtooth Quilt Along – #3 – Gabrielle and Ava

This post is a part of the Little Miss Sawtooth quilt along that starts September 6, 2019 and ends January 10, 2020.

If this is the first time you are learning about this quilt along then please read this post to find out the intentions behind the quilt along and more details.

To view all the posts concerning this quilt along on my own blog, click here.

To view all of the posts that includes the patterns here at Havel’s Sewing, click here.

If you prefer a paper pattern, you’ll find it here.



We are making two new stars today!  Moving right along!  I’ve been trying to make sure I like and comment on all of your Instagram posts showing off your progress.  There’s so many of you though.  I’m doing my bestest to keep up.  I have LOVED seeing your fabric choices and your blocks.  The fussy cutting is so much fun too!  Some of you are really going for it and it’s so interesting and inspiring to see what you come up with.  If you were near me, my oohing and ahhing every few minutes might start to get old.  Haha!  I’m doing so much of it!


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This Week’s Task

For the next two weeks we have two blocks to complete:  Gabrielle and Ava.  Let’s dig in!



This sweet girl is just 9 half square triangles.  Teeny weeny HSTs that is!  We are making them in a different method that uses strips.  Your half square triangle ruler is essential for this method.  I’m including a template if you don’t have one, but if you’ve never used this ruler and struggle with HSTs, I think you’ll find it extremely helpful at making perfect little units.  And there is a whole lotta HSTs in this quilt pattern.  I’ve got a tutorial as well for the basic method of HST making with this ruler here.

But back to Gabrielle, I LOVE this method of HST making.  When you can use all sizes of scraps to get the same unit it really frees you up to make use for those scraps.

I’ve used Raw Gold solid and Gitan Paradis for my inner unit.

Tips + Thoughts

  • You probably have heard me say this a hundred times, but starch is your bestest friend.  Starch your fabrics before you EVER cut your starting pieces.  You have to press them anyway.  Adding a little starch before you do doesn’t take up much more time and it will be worth it.  Starch and triangles are like peanut butter and jelly!
  • Your ruler or template should flip sides with each HST cut.  This will make the most of your strip.
  • Don’t iron!  Only press.  HSTs need to be handled with the utmost care.  They are cut on the bias and have a tendency to get wonky on you.  How you treat them will determine if they end up wonky or not.
  • You can always make HSTs the usual way if you prefer it.  Don’t let my methods hold you back from what you love!
  • Color is important in this block.  You want to be able to see the HSTs, so choose two contrasting fabrics for best results.
Click here for the Gabrielle pattern.

Here is the template if you don’t have this ruler.



If you prefer to foundation paper piece Josephine instead of the way I’ve written the pattern, Nicole Buckley has generously provided us with a paper piecing pattern (you will need to already know how to paper piece).  Find the paper piecing pattern for Gabrielle here.





Oh, sweet Ava!  She’s an old traditional block.  Often called a square in a square or an economy block.  She ends up looking like she’s on point and just a perfect place to fussy cut something special.  She’s made by snowballing the corners on to a larger square.

I’ve used Wandering Doe again and Streakly Business for my inner unit.

Tips + Thoughts

  • Starch again is a tip here!
  • For me, snowballing has a tendency to get wonky.  I like to nit pick at my placement of the smaller square and mindfully get it flush with the corner, otherwise I always end up a bit off.
  • If you hate drawing lines, there’s this so you don’t have to.
  • If you like how I’ve kept my lines going in the same direction, I achieved this by turning all of them on their right side before sewing them onto corners of the main square.  This would work for all directional prints.
Click here for the Ava pattern.



If you prefer to foundation paper piece Josephine instead of the way I’ve written the pattern, Nicole Buckley has generously provided us with a paper piecing pattern (you will need to already know how to paper piece).  Find the paper piecing pattern for Ava here.


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Giveaway Details

Just a reminder, you can enter the giveaway by posting your progress on Instagram using the #littlemisssawtoothQAL.  Havel’s will be giving away random prizes to one winner each week.  Winners will be chosen and announced on Instagram @Havels_Sewing every second Thursday after a pattern releases.  You don’t have to be completed with each pattern release to win, you only have to post progress.  You must be following Havel’s Sewing to win the giveaway prize!



Get a personalized Little Miss Sawtooth quilt along label for your quilt.

Get the label here.



I’ve been getting questions about my scrappy background.  I wrote a post awhile back about it here.

Have fun making Gabrielle and Ava!  I’ll see you in two weeks.  🙂


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