Quilting Inspirations by Dinner at Eight Artists

Rituals~Featured at International Quilt Market/Festival

Havel’s Scissors is proud to be a sponsor of Rituals by Curators, Jamie Fingal and Leslie Tucker Jenison.  Jamie and Leslie, along with forty artists, have come together to reveal the art that can be found in everyday life.  I had the privilege to see the exhibit at the International Quilt Festival in Houston this year.  The ingenuity of the artwork in the exhibit is nothing short of spectacular!  Each artist tells a story through the threads of the fabric.  And the stories that are woven through each piece will inspire you to live life to the fullest and appreciate each and every opportunity we are given to share with loved ones.

Cindy Cooksey, Irvine, California- Artist, quilter, seamstress, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend, dog walker, knitwit.

“Photo Booth Hijinks” – I was inspired by a strip of photos taken in a photo booth circa 1970, of me and my now husband. The playfulness makes me smile. It was the first time I ordered from Spoonflower.

Photo Booth Fun by Cindy Cooksey

Photo Booth Fun by Cindy Cooksey

Jane Davila, Ridgefield, CT- Artist, author, editor, designer, educator, inspirer.

“Intention” is something that I try to keep foremost in my mind when working on my art and when living my life. Living (and creating) with intention to me means that everything decision or choice or action needs to be taken in a thoughtful way and have purpose behind it. I love to use bee imagery in my work because they are excellent community members, diligent workers, and create beautiful homes with perfect symmetry. They are highly intentional creatures!

One of my other passions is decorating and remodeling. I love to DIY furniture, accessories, and storage solutions for my home and studio. Power tools are just as fun to use as sewing machines!

Intention by Jane Davila

Intention by Jane Davila

Jamie Fingal, Orange, California- Artist, author, designer, teacher, organizer, curator, wife, mother, sister, friend, goofball, reader, cook, gardener, blogger.

When my daughter was young, we would drive to school each morning and Make a Wish on the Purple House, that we passed every morning.  A purple house in the midst of brown and gray houses, was pretty special.  We made it part of our morning ritual for three years. Other passions include furniture painting, photography, family history.

Make a Wish on the Purple House

Make a Wish on the Purple House

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