Free and Easy Craft Project to Create This Spring:

Fly Your Own Flag this Spring

By Jamie Fingal

I am excited to tell all of you that I am a new fabric designer and my very first line is titled Home is Where Your Story Begins ,by Hoffman California Fabrics.  So naturally, when Jackie Marsal, the account executive for Havel’s Sewing, asked me to design a “Spring Fling” themed project incorporating my new fabric line (just for fun!) I was obviously more than willing to get to work making these fabric flags for you all to create!

Fly Your Own Flag- 3 Fabric Flags for Spring

Bloom, Spring and Grow! Vibrant & fun these fabric flags are certain to cheer up anyone that is stuck experiencing cold weather!

These festive and fun flags are not only great for a variety of fabric artists, but they are also easy enough to make just in time for the upcoming Spring season.

Sample of Jamie Fingal's New Fabric Line

To give everyone an idea of what Jamie’s new fabric line consists of, here is a visual of the sample card.

 The fabric pictured below is hands down one of my favorites. It is covered completely with words, and based on my watercolors. The best part is that you can use the words available or you can easily cut out individual letters in order to create your own words, which is what we will be doing for this project. It only comes in this colorway – bright and fun!

Jamie Fingal's Word Covered Fabric

One of Jamie’s favorite from her new fabric line- It is covered completely with words, and based on her watercolors.

  This project will break down how to create three fabric flags inspired by the Spring season. (Each flag will measure 6×8 inches, vertical format.)

Black Wool Blended Felt

Three pieces of black wool blended felt by National Nonwovens TOY 002.

We are going to start this project off with 3 pieces of black wool blended felt -cut 6” x 8”- as the foundation. This is made by National Nonwovens TOY 002.

I also fused all of my fabrics with Mistyfuse to prepare for this project.


House Patterned Fabric

This house covered fabric is a perfect focal point for the fabric flags.

The next fabric that we need is the house patterned fabric. This is a a colorful fabric which can be used in a variety of ways.

This particular fabric- covered in different styles of houses of various shapes, colors, sizes- is the perfect focus point for two of the flags we will create.

Next, simply cut out a house out from the fabric, which is near the size of the flag, or slightly larger.

House Covered Fabric

 Fuse this to the felt.

Fused Fabric House

If you turn it over, you can cut the excess from the back, which will make it easier to get it straight. Find the letters B-L-O-O-M and set them aside.

B-L-O-O-M Fabric

Place the letters on the side and iron into place.

Fussy Cut Flowers

Using your favorite fussy cut scissors, cut out some flowers from the house fabric.

Fabric Flower Arrangement

Place the flowers on the lower portion of the flag and iron into place. Trim any areas that overlap from the back. Set aside.

Sky and Flag Fabric Cut Outs

For the second flag, using the blue circle fabric, cover one of the felt foundations, to cover about 2/3 of the felt from the top down.This will be used to create a sky effect.

Turn the flag over and cut from the back.

It would be fun to use some of the bunting flags in this one.  So, from the landscape fabric, find a row that would work for your flag.

Fussy cut out.

SPRING Fabric Flag



Place the flags in the upper portion.

Find the letters for the word SPRING, and place them just below the bunting flags.

Iron into place, and cut the extras from the back.



Using lime green striped fabric, cut the top with pinking shears.

It makes a great little detail, and it’s fun!

Pinked Grass Fabric

Using Havel’s PInking Shears adds a fun & unique effect to your fabric.

Fussy cut out a row of houses, and the larger flowers, like this blue and pink one below.

Houses and Various Pictures

The text fabric also has little houses and artful drawings which are useful for various art.

Place the houses in place, just below the pinking line.

Ironed In Place Fabric

 Once the house is set, iron the fabric in place.

Next, cut out the flowers and place them on the flag.  DO NOT  iron this down yet.

Flower Your Flag

Using the landscape fabric, fussy cut out the stems and leaves. (So that basically you are cutting off the top of the flowers.)

Cutting Larger Flowers

The stem and leaf unit will be used for your larger flowers.

After you decide where you want everything – flower-wise, iron them to the background.

Spring Flag #2

Set this flag aside, and now we are onto Flag number 3.

This house is larger, so you need to allow for that.

Creating the house Flag

We will add the blue circles to the sky, to make up for the empty space.

You can see where I have a strip of blue on the top.

Floral Landscaping

Then you can see where I have added some floral landscaping to the bottom portion of the 3rd flag in order to fill in the green.

Next, find and cut out the letters for the word G-R-O-W.


Place the letters on the top and iron them into place.

Back each flag with a coordinating color of wool blended felt.

Now they are ready to be free motion machine quilted.

Backing the Fabric Flags

The backing for these flags is Fuschia WCF 001.

  After they are quilted, press with an iron, then trim the backing.

You want the backing to show just a tad- this helps to bring out the colors in the flag.

Havel's Rotary Cutter and Mat for Trimming

Using Havel’s 60mm Rotary Cutter and Cutting Mat to trim the backing.

Using the free motion foot,  zig zag the edges of each flag into place.

Zig Zag Stitching the Backing

Example of how the backs were easy to free motion machine quilt. You can see where Jamie went around the houses, objects and lettering with ease.

Here are the three finished flags:

All Three Fabric Flags

And individually:







I hope that you have enjoyed making this Spring Fling fabric flag project as much as I did!


Jamie Fingal

About Jamie Fingal:

Jamie is a an award winning artist & fabric designer from Orange, CA. You can contact her and order fabric at


For more of Jamie’s inspiring and creative projects, click here.

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35 Responses to Free and Easy Craft Project to Create This Spring:

  1. karen says:

    I love Jamie’s fabric line. these flags are such a cute project.

  2. Dee Spiker says:

    Such and easy and fun project!

  3. Stephanie says:

    Great tutorial. Love the pinking shears idea!

  4. This is so fun and I love the happy colors and designs in your new fabric, would love to make some little wall hangings with it. My daughter moved back in and I promised I would make some things for her walls, this would be perfect, she loves modern art pieces like this.


  5. Ellyn says:

    I adore these! would love to use them to decorate the front porch of my new house. so happy and cheerful! Thanks for the chance

  6. Betsy says:

    Amy you are so talented. I love your flags. How. Will they be displayed?

  7. Tawney M. says:

    This is such a good example of how versatile Jamie’s fabrics really are – an eye opener.

  8. Carol says:

    Fun!! Colorful!! Happy Fabric
    I love the flag designs.
    I love this FABRIC!

  9. Nelda Johnson says:

    These are so cheerful! I can’t wait to get some of this fabric.

  10. Sharon Joyner says:

    Your flag are so cute…I am lovin’ them and really think it would be a fun and happy way to greet people with one of these flags hanging…thanks for the tut and your bright and cheerful fabrics…

  11. What an awe inspiring project and using Jamie’s new fabric line is just so much fun. Would love to have a chance to use the fabrics for my own set of flags, and ALWAYS my Havel’s scissors. Hoping I can pick up more in the Merchant Mall at Paducah this spring when at AQS Show. I share them with my students at St. Lawrence College in our Textile Design Program all the time – they NEED to be available in Canada.
    Bethany in Kingston ON Canada

  12. love Jamie’s fabric, and will be ordering some today.

  13. Gill says:

    I love Jamie’s flags!

  14. i like so much congratulations!!!

  15. I would like to participate in the giveaway but I do not know where to leave the comment

  16. MaggieM says:

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on this fabric! I’ve loved it ever since Jamie first previewed it on her blog. The Spring flags look wonderful! So cheery and delightful. Thanks for sharing the tutorial.

  17. Rhonda says:

    I absolutely love all of Jamie’s work. She is so talented and inspiring. Wish I had some of her fabrics so I could start making these flags right now!!

  18. Estelle Weldele says:

    I thought Jamie’s fabric line was outstanding when she first introduced it. Since then I have been to the four local quilt shows in my town to look for it. Unfortunately none of them have it or were familiar with the line when I asked about it. How sad is this!!!! I want to purchase her great fabric!!!

  19. upstatelisa says:

    these are so cute! I just love how bright they are! We could use some color and brightness in the snowy, cold part of the country! BTW what kind of “fussy cut” scissors do you recommend?

  20. Pattij says:

    Really love this! Would love to try!

  21. Robin Shilman says:

    Great looking fabric line and a nice project to get familiar with it.

  22. gail says:

    oh boy! I love this and… I..WANT..THAT..FABRIC…!!

  23. Patricia A Paola says:

    This looks like a project that could be completed in a day. The bright colors and theme would be such fun to work with.

  24. Pam S says:

    This is the most versatile, delightful fabric in the world! I love your creations. Thanks for the tutorial!

  25. Terri H says:

    Love the idea of having a banner in my sewing room!

  26. Denise Spillane says:

    Great post, love the step outs and details to make the flags

  27. Martina Rodenhaeuser says:

    These fabrics are gorgeous! And so are the flags!
    Would really love to own these fabrics and do my own flags!!

  28. Kirsten F says:

    love these bright colors and tribute to spring – would be fun to win!

  29. Carolyn Moore says:

    Jamie Fingal’s new fabric collection has such energy and imagination. I just recently received “Home is…” collection as a FQ bundle and I have to reorder because there is just so much that can be “imagined” in this fabric. It is the first time I have really tried to make an art quilt that focused on fussy cutting, but her collection begs to be arranged and rearranged so I had no qualms about cutting into the fabric. I experimented by making three mug rugs (7×9) with various pieces of the collection, except that I used batting. I thought I was through with this material for awhile until I saw your blog for the wonderful flags. . . which sparked even more ideas – especially how to incorporate more felt into the design. Thanks! Jamie’s goal was to create a medium for FUN and she certainly did that!

  30. Doreen says:

    Thank you for showing making the flags. Love the colors and playful fabric.
    Hope I win the scissors.

  31. Jane Gurley says:

    I love my Havel non-slip scissors (pink handles). They will cut any fabric without slipping or tugging. I am enjoying Jamie Fingal’s projects and have ordered her new fabric line. I would love to be entered into the contests to win some of her “Home Is Where Your Story Begins” fat quarters!! Thanks.

  32. Cheryl McLaughlin says:

    i am SO smitten with this fabric!

  33. Jackie says:

    Fun flags, great colors.

  34. Lisa Chin says:

    I love Jamie’s new fabric line. Her prayer flags are fun and whimsical. They would brighten anyone’s life.

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