Build a Handmade Fabric House

Your child’s repetoire of toys probably includes several items from the local department store. Although those types of toys can create great pleasure for children, they often don’t stand the test of time. Or worse, they’re suddenly recalled due to deadly paint or toxic materials used in their production. The Columbus, Ohio company, Little Alouette, created the solution to such problems: totally natural, locally-sourced wood toys for tots and toddlers. Inspired by the “Farm Animals” set, Havel’s Sewing went online in search of patterns for the perfect plush playhouse to go along with such a whimsical gift.

Fabric Dollhouse by UK Lass in US

Fabric Dollhouse by UK Lass in US

We found two very thorough tutorials for fabric houses. With a little adjusting to the details, you can create handmade heirlooms that will last through years of playtime. UK Lass in US actually started with a barnyard fabric house and altered the pattern for her tutorial. She created a wonderful fold out playhouse that kids can carry with them with ease. To see her tutorial, click here.

Fabric House by London Mummy

Fabric House by London Mummy

London Mummy has a very detailed tutorial on making plush houses. You could make a whole town of plush props for your child’s imaginative delight. To see her tutorial, click here.

little alouette

And to find out more about Little Alouette’s heirloom wood toys, click here.

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